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About Me


I'm a 5 foot, Blonde hair, hazel eyed 21 year old from Toronto, Canada.  I fell in love with modeling at the first click of the shutter, back in 2010.  Since then I have done tons of different photo-shoots, and met some of the best photographers and models around the world!  Now, I live in LA at the TeaseUm model house!   My life changed when I met TeaseUm in 2011.  I flew to Hawaii, to shoot with them.  I learned SO much, had the time of my life and fell in love with everyone!  I went home to Canada for a few months, but couldn’t stay away from my Tease Um family!  So I packed everything up, and was on my way to LA.  I haven’t looked back since!  I’ve finally had the sisters I’ve always wanted!

My Hobbies:

I’m enjoying life as a single, sexy, blonde, bomb-shell!!  I’m a true Gemini, in the sense that I have two very different sides to myself. I can be the shy, sweet & sexy girl next door, or a wild vixen!!  I love to get all dolled up, and strut my stuff, during a night out of dancing with my girls!   Or I can be just as happy curling up on the couch with some popcorn and a good movie!  I love all the girlies things, this fine world has to offer.  Shopping, shoes, makeup, purses and diamonds.   However, I also love cottages, camping, hockey and a beer.   BUT my all time favorite thing to do is, cuddle with my dog, Charlie!!

Favorite Foods:

I’m a total food-aholic!!  My all time favorite would have to be pizza!  Lobster and Seafood are close runners up, and who could forget Mexican and Chinese!  Really I love all cuisines, and trying new things!

My Travel experiences!

Traveling has to be my biggest passion in life!  I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to see may amazing places. I grew up taking road trips threw the USA, with my family.   But it wasn’t until I went on a European adventure as a child.  Visiting Prague, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria then back. That I had that life changing moment.  From the on, I knew I had to see the rest of the world!!  When I was 19 I went to Hedonism 2 in Jamaica for a modeling trip, That’s Where I saw my first Tease Um sticker.  I went home and immediacy had to google who they were!  I sent my model submission their way, and booked a girls week in Cuba!   After patiently waiting to hear back from TeaseUm they called!  Up next Hawaii!  It was a 5 daylong photo-shoot at breath-taking mansion!   Like I said, that’s where I fell in love with my Tease Um family!  I flew to the Model house in LA for my birthday in June.  We were asked to be at a party for the Gumball Rally, So we hit the road to Las Vegas!  I came home for a few monthss, but just couldn’t stay away and had to return to the Tease Um model house! All my trips have been amazing and I can’t wait to see where I’m off to next!  A few places I just HAVE to see before my time ends are: Bora Bora, Fuji, Australia, Hungry, England, Dubai, and Africa.  



Random Facts about Kirra

Language spoken:  English

Location: California

Sexual Orientation : straight 

Favorite Car: Audi R8 Convertible.

Favorite Book:  The secret and Why men love bitches

Favorite  Sex Position: Doggy or Froggy 

What do you feel most sexy wearing? :Nothing ;)

Favorite Movie: Requiem for a Dream

Favorite Color: Pink

Least Favorite Bug: Centipedes!

Turn On’s: Confidence, Manners, and positive attitudes

Turn Off’s: Disrespectful, rude and mean people

If you could have any super power, what would it be:  To read minds, or pause time

What items are always in your purse: Sunglasses, wallet, pen, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, band aid’s and hopefully Keys!

Do you believe in love at first sight:  Yes!

One thing people don’t know about you:  I’m actually very shy, no one ever believes me!